Friday, February 24, 2006

New Theme Day

My new Theme day is (and yes i know this sounds corny) but its Friends Friday. Awwwwwwwwwww.. isn't that sweet? Anywhoooo... every Friday i'll come up with some new way to let you know some more about my friends and recognize them. I'm going to do this on my Xanga site too, so my friends who don't read this blog can see their name up. So now, on to the show.
On this first Friends Friday I am going to start a new meme. I have never made one of these up before so bear with me if it stinks. You can do this with an e-mail address book or IM list. Go through and look at all the people you have in there. Now, think of some way that those people have helped you or something that's special about when you talk to them,an inside joke etc. This is for anyone who reads this, I expect to see this generated on blogs everywhere! (Unless of course it stinks, then just leave me a comment saying something along the lines of "Dude, what were you thinking?") So here's mine.....

Sis. Jewel- is always there and has kind of been an "adopted grandmother" to me since my grandma died.
Rachel C.- is my friend who I am always able to vent to and vice-versa
Rachel D.-provides mindless jibberish (hahaha) and laughs whenever I talk to her
Rachel F.- for back and forth jokes and repitition (*smurf song* peanut butter jelly) Yeah, most of you don't get that
Gabby- is hilarious and is my camp buddy
Zac- one of my oldest friends and always provides insults for me (all in good fun of course)
Aaron- always provides encouragement and a ton of laughs
Jess- is just about as boy-crazy as I am, well not so much anymore, now that she has a boyfriend, but I can usually talk to her about boys and stuff
Tiffany- always listens to me, no matter what (yip, yip, yip, yip. uh-huh, uh-huh) hahaha. you guys don't get that either
Erica- always gives encouragement and advice. a loooooooooong time friend
Kris- my friend from med camp who is fun to talk to because we have the same ambitions
Shayley- craziness, always craziness
Maggie- always listens and is there, no matter what. my best friend since 3rd grade
Deana- one of the nicest, sweetest people you will ever meet
Tia- my friend from camp, who never answers her phone, but is still a great person
Brittany- who is crazier? nobody. haha
Cassie- my #1 friend (well, for one thing she's the first on my camp list alphbetically) who i can talk to about anything and everything
Jessica- one of the nicest people ever, enjoys shiny things (inside joke)
Hayley- major loser (kidding, not really) hahaha
Lindsay- my friend whose church i go to more than my own
Laura- always provides schizophrenic humor


Jewel said...

You have "Rachel" overload going on there, don't you, Becky? *grin*

Elena Jade said...

i love your site!! i appreciate that you've added me to your links! i have a very special new post that will be interesting for everyone who reads my of my TWIN GIRLS!!!

Deana said...