Wednesday, February 1, 2006

A morning in the world of a girl with headphones on full-blast

7:00- leave the house, pop in AI season 2 CD turn on the shuffle
7:03- get on bus and hear best friend tell you to turn the phones down because she doesn't want to hear clay aiken (the imbecil!! lol)
7:12-arrive at school and get annoyed because your non-anti-skip player jumps everytime you take a step
7:16- keep telling your other friend "one more song and then i will turn it off"
7:16.5- you lied. another good song just came on. oh well!
7:23-bell rings allowing you to enter the gates and go to your locker
7:24- ahhhhh yes. CSG also has headphones on full blast. no words needed. a wave and smile will suffice. i knew there was a reason i liked him.
7:27- ignore the "locker buddies" in the locker next to you. they are no doubt just giving stupid insults as usual. oh look at that. my hand "slipped" and shut their locker.
7:30- arrive at 1st period. well... pre-first period.
7:32- prepare to deck friend for messing with player while clay is singing "on the wings of love"
7:33- remove phones and have a slight (ok severe) ringing in ears. i will be deaf by age 23.


Dad said...

You are retarded.

Theresa said...

Do they allow deaf people to work as emergency room doctors??

Jewel said...

Have you started a sign language course yet? You might want to consider it?