Friday, February 3, 2006

I love IM and colored sharpies

Have I mentioned that?just a few times? ok

yesterday i logged on at 2:00 and got off at 10:30. That was fun. First I talked to zac and rachel. and maggie. and two other rachels. and then i finished by talking to aaron. Aaron was the first actual conversation i had had all evening. (i know i am raving again) we talked about college and what we wanted to do for a living (he wants to go into design at OSU and design golf courses and houses and banks and stuff. and be in marching band like he is now) and shoes (ooh, a guy who talks about shoes. be still my heart...)and just anything that came to mind. unlike most of my friends where we just shoot insults back and forth. much more organized. lol.

last night when i went to krogers they had little keychain sharpies for $1.50. They are usually like $3. so i bought them and some normal sharpies. my bookbag is beautiful now. hahaha

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