Friday, February 24, 2006

Eighth Period

Well, I'm in eighth period but won't be leaving school anytime before 3:45 at the earliest. Goody. I have to have a conference with my English teacher to discuss revisions on my cursed research paper. That and the rush to get it into by midnight was my reason for spending an entire afternoon (ok, not entire) typing a paper. So after my conference I am free to go home. i was discussing with some people that within the next few months, the roads will be VERY unsafe. I have several friends getting their permits within the next 7 months. It's pretty funny. I'm getting mine in early April, hopefully, as you can see from the countdown at the top of my site. Chloride Sodium Glutamate (as Sis. Jewel calls him) gets his permit this afternoon probably. My friend Maggie, who is looking over my shoulder right now (MOVE IT WOMAN!!) gets hers next month. And other assorted friends in the rest of the year. (Maggie thought i was gonna say world) But anyway, the bell is about to ring. I will hopefully be allowed to surf the net in the next hour while I wait for my stupid conference. I'M PRAYING!! HAHA

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