Monday, January 30, 2006


Hey, I was so stinking psyched yesterday (still psyched BTW) that i didn't talk bout my WE.On Saturday we went to Newark with my aunt, uncle and cousins. We went to the mall and i got 2 hoodies and a new pair of gym shoes at steve and barry's. I LOOOOVE Steve and Barry's. and then we went to the buffet by the mall and then to toys r' us where i got some new headphones for my CD player. And then yesterday we did some more of our study in class about the book of revelation and i talked to my cousn mistie. then that afternoon my cousin andrew called and said he got the holy ghost!! WOOHOO!! Well, then of course i already said that sunday night was FLIPPIN SWEET!!!!! you could just feel gods presence so strongly throughout the whole place. it was amazing. I was talking to Brittany McNamara this morning and she said that she thought that Ryan (he's a guy at our church with cerebral palsy. you've probably seen him at football games and stuff if u live in mt.vernon) was gonna get up and walk!! (he's in a wheelchair)And one of these days i know he will. Do you realize what an impact that would have on ppl here? There would be a REVIVAL, MAN!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MARANATHA!!!


A Christian Prophet said...

Yep, miracles are natural and going on all the time. Most people "wear blinders," so to speak, but when one starts opening up spiritually, the miracles are more easily seen. You might like a blog I love to read. The Holy Inheritance blog has messages directly from the Holy Spirit, many about miracles.

Liz said...


I'll say it again.


Check it w/ your Dad & Mom!