Friday, January 27, 2006


OOOOOOOOOHHHH!!! SO GLAD IT IS FRIDAY!!!! 2 days off from torture... I mean gym. Giving my poor muscles a rest. LOL. I am so sore. Especially my legs. Coach had us run an extra 2 laps today because 2 people didn't turn in their homework.(I did turn in mine) The worst part is that he said that each day he is going to add one lap per. Meaning there will be 4 extra on Monday, 6 on Tuesday, etc. EEEEEK!! That's scary. I'm working on an essay for English. I have to tie Odysseus' journey in the Odyssey into man's journey through life using the traits- perserverance, courage, and self-confidence. I'm looking for examples of everday life examples of these traits. Leave me a comment if you know of some. I could use the help. I scheduled next year's classes today. I'm taking
  1. Spanish III
  2. English 10
  3. Biology I (blocked)
  4. Chemistry I (blocked)
  5. Geometry
  6. Gym
  7. Parenting (just for fun guys. if it was for anything real i wouldn't be alive to take that class!!)
  8. World Studies

I'm requesting Cunningham for Bio, Arnold for Chem, and Shriver for World Studies. I am so excited!!!

Anyway, better get some work done. Type to you all later.

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Liz said...

I had Mr Arnold for Chemistry 2 my senior year.