Saturday, January 21, 2006

ID Woes

I am at the Franklin County Library right now. Be glad I am writing this post. Do you know how much suffering it took for me to get here? As you know, i live in Knox County. My aunt, whom i am staying with told me that there were internet computers but then I found out I had to have a Franklin County Library card. I don't even have my Knox one. This poses a problem because in order to get a "guest card" you have to have some ID. Think about this for a moment. I am 15. My school does not issue school ID's to freshmen and I do not drive (all of you can breath a sigh of relief, especially Grandpa Ryan and Aunt Julie who have seen me drive a car on tracks at Kings Island and nearly wreck it. That's pretty bad.) so how should I have an ID. Then this lady at the desk (getting very frustrated with me at this point) suggests maybe a house or car key. Now, not only have I explained that I do not drive (thus ruling out the car key) how in the world is a KEY supposed to ID me? So finally I dig through my purse as this lady glares at me, probably hoping if she stares long and hard enough, my head will explode, leaving only the janitorial crew to worry about me and my ID. So then I think, oooh my cell phone. The lady looks (semi) grateful for this "peace offering" (good lord it sounds like I am talking about trading with an unknown tribe) and then locks my phone away!!! WHAT?!?! She then explains that this is only for ID purposes and that I can have it back once I get off the computer (which I still have 28 minutes on according to this annoying little blinking window that I can't seem to get rid of. ok, 27 now) They are holding my cell hostage. What is with these people? Why can't it be as easy as Knox County with "Name, first and last. Blue computer. Miss Ryan you have 1 hour now. Thank you." Oh, and once I get logged into the computer, a process which consists of me typing in first a 10 digit "username" (more like usernumber) and a 4 digit PIN number, I then have to read all of these rules and regulations which have such advanced vocabulary that Albert Einstein would have difficulty reading (just skim and click agree) . So I am off to enjoy my remaining 23 minutes of precious computer time.

Next time I am just waiting until I get to my aunts house.

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