Tuesday, January 3, 2006

A bad day

I'm not having the best day on earth.I had to stay up till 1 AM yesterday doing my 9HE project, thanks to my procrastinating nature. As a result of this I did the unthinkable. I FELL ASLEEP IN HEALTH CLASS!!! so sad.We had a guest speaker and I could not keep my eyes from closing and I apparently dosed off for about 5 minutes. The most embarassing part was that I woke up by jumping high into the air and coming down with a crash. Miss Kennon gave me a death look and I have been wide awake ever since. hahaha. On top of this, this morning my celll and digital camera disappeared from my pocket. I still don't know what happened. I turned in an incident report and all and now all I can do is wait to see if I can find it. PRAY!!!! I don't know if they got stolen or just fell out. My money was still in my pocket, so i don't think i was robbed. I'm in science class and the bell is going to ring any minute so i'm gonna go. but first..

1. Stop buying anything because i want to go to europe this summer
2. Use more of clearasil and hopefully my face will get better
3. Get rid of alot of the junk in my room
4. Change my attitude. maybe i'll live to see 16. hahaha
5. Concentrate on school and maybe i'll get that scholarship and admission to the Akron-Neoucom 6 year med program
6. Try to be more dedicated to my school work

there you go liz. It's done.


Theresa said...

Becky, it's so tough to be a teen! You really need to work on that procrastination problem becuase then you can get lots more sleep!!!!

PS The clearasil will only work if you keep your face really clean and keep your hands off of it!!! Your hands spread the "dirt" that packs into your face that causes the zits! Believe me, I really do know what I'm talking about! It took me way too many years to realize.

Dad said...

I'm guessing you won't see 16.

Theresa said...

Don remember mercy rejoices over judgment. Becky, pull yourself together and be the young woman that God wants you to be at home!!!