Tuesday, December 20, 2005

2nd day of xmas vacation

today has gone kinda slow. the thing i hate about vacation (this is the only thing, don't worry, i'm sane) is that, typically when I'm out of school, it's on a weekend so my cell phone is in constant use. however on weekdays, my cell can only be used for Verizon cell phones. This leaves 2 friends who are still in school. So right now my poor cell phone is neglected. I left a message on xanga for any of my actual friends with verizon to e-mail me so my cell phone doesn't feel neglected.lol. i did get a guestbook entry from CSG today. It was nice to actually hear from one of my other friends from school.


Anonymous said...

Hey girl,

Remember I'm here! I'll talk to you anytime! MERRY CHRISTMAS! Love you girl!


Theresa said...

I'm on Verizon, too, Becky, but you never call me!!!! lol