Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Signs of the Season

Skiing Sleigh Skiing Sleigh 2 Sleigh 3 Skiing 2 Ice Skate Snowmobile Ice Skating Snowboarding Hat Slalom Skiing Snowboarding 3 Snow Snowboarding 1 Snowboarding 2 Hat 2 Hat 3 Hat 4 Coat Coat Shiver Shiver Frozen Mush Mittens Bundled Snow Flake Too Cold Freezing Shivering Mittens 2 Mittens 4 Snow Flake 2 Snow Flake 3 Snow Flake 4 Snow Flake 5 Chattering Snowstorm Snow Boots Cold Water Snowplow Snow Day Cold Breath Snow Globe Snowstorm Snow Boots 2 Snow Angel Freezing Cold Snowy House Snow Blower Warm By The Fire Fall To Pieces Snowball Fight Shoveling Snow Buried In Snow Windy Frosty Freezing My Butt Off Frosty Ice Skating Frozen Snowboarding


Don said...

You are completely mindless!

Jewel said...

Uhhhh...do you like emoticons? Has it become an addiction by any chance? :-) I've missed you, Becky!! We are going to do our best to come up over the holidays!! Love you, girl!!