Sunday, October 16, 2005

WHat a weekend!

I have had such a fun weekend!! When Dawn picked me up on Saturday we went to Cubby's (Cubby is my brothers best friend. His real name is Canaan.) Soccer game. As he says " The other team won but we scored more goals" ( he's 5) Then we went to Lowes. I have my house all planned out, after looking at lowes bathrooms and kitchens. I love Lowes!! after that we went to Dawn's house. She noticed I had a hole in my shirt and she was going to let me borrow a shirt. It was like an episode of what not to wear! I haven't tried on so many clothes in my whole life! Shopping 3 I finally found an awesome outfit with a jean jacket, blue shirt and khaki corduroy skirt. Since there was still an 1 1/2 hours until bowling, Dawn but hot rollers in my hair and made a cute ponytail.Pigtails Then she found some cover-up that she forgot that a little goes a long way and applied it like Indian war paint. It was hilarious. Then i went bowlin, which I am awful at. Bro. Ben (our youth leader) beat me 174-31. Bowling So at about 10pm I got home. Dawn felll right asleep after about 5 minutesof Petticoat Junction. ( she had worked the night shift the night before and hadn't slept at all)I stayed up and whenever I would be drifting off, Beamer( my uncle Ken's dog who is staying with Dawn) would jump on me and wake me up. Today Dawn woke me up at 9:55 AM (church starts at 10AM) and we got out the door at 10:30. We went to Quizno's for lunch with Dawn's mom and niece ( Angelica is almost 1 and sooo cute!!) then we set up for Dorenda's baby shower. ( she had her baby on Sept.19)Baby ShowerI came home with grandma tonight and didn't get to stay for the shower because grandma didn't feel good. Well, that was my weekend. Now I have to sleep so i can go to *gag* school tomorrow.

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