Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Favorite names

A ton of the people I know have had babies this year. That I can think of off the top of my head there have been 2 girls (Emylee Grace and Danessa Dawn) and 2 boys (Hunter Daniel and Luke Ignatius) while I was looking on the mount Carmel Website for their pictures (plusI just look at some of the absolutely hideous names some parets think are "cute" and see if some of the babies are what my grandma Ryan used to call "sweet") I saw, as I said, some Hideous names. I being a kid who spends hours putting thousands of details for her future in order, have all 5 of my kids names picked out as well as my wedding dress and wedding colors, (as of yet, no groom.*crys*)
My 5 top names for each are below. Please feel free to be just like my mom and say "well ok, it's gonna be your kid" or something to that effect in the comments.

  1. Caroline Louise (my first girl's name. After my late Grandma Ryan)
  2. Emilee Michel ( it's pronouced My- Kell)
  3. Grace Rebeca (not quite like my name)
  4. Chloe Gabrielle ( sounds incredibly french but the middle name is after my sister)
  5. Cassie Rene (I got the spelling of Rene from Cassie Bernall, who was killed in the Columbine shootings)


  1. Aaron Anthony (Mom hates this spelling of Aaron. She says it sounds like someone gagging)
  2. Hayden Andrew (Hayden Christensen is cute!!!!!)
  3. Chandler Cole ( yes, i did get the name from Friends)
  4. William Henry ( sounds verrrry old, but dignified,. I would have to hurt the first person who called him Billy, though.)
  5. Zachary Brian ( my best friend from 1st grade until 6th was named Zac. I guess I kinda developed a taste for the name)


Liz said...

I think all these names are great and you should have 10 kids and use them all. What do you think, Charity?

Liz said...

Personally, I like Lincoln James but don't take it because it's the only baby name my hubby picked out and hopefully I will have kids before you do Becky

The Muffin said...

HA! Yeah right! 10 kids!!!!!!! I'll stick with 5, maybe 6.