Monday, September 12, 2005

1st Home Football Game

I went 2 the first home football game(sorry about the abbreviations. Bad habit) on Friday nite (sorry again)Mt.VErnon is a crappy football team. Actually, that doesn't even begin 2 describe it. WE lost 42-6. Terrible. The marching band didn't even help much. The band is usually good or bad. Cute Sharpie Guy plays percussion. That didn't even help much (sorry 2 all of my marching band friends who r reading this) They were ok. Not great, but ok. The first two songs were pretty good (as far as I could tell through drooling over CSG) but song #3 (mr.Roboto) was dreadful(sorry again guys!!) But, all in all it was a fun experiance. My brother tagged along with me and my buddies @ the field, he wanted to go by the fence to see the marching band while they sat n the bleachers.(I put up a big protest of course)

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Rebecca said...

Ok, I meant it's usually really good or really bad. Not good or bad. Sorry for those of u who thought I was really dumb.