Monday, July 4, 2005

Sad Soldier Story

This is a really depressing story I heard in one of my camp classes. Since It's July 4, I thought I would tell a veteran story....

A young soldier calls home to tell his parents that his military discharge has been arranged and he will be coming home soon. He has one small favor to ask though. He has met a friend in the war who has no family and no place to go when he leaves. He has also lost an arm and a leg in battle. "Mom," he says,"I would like to bring my friend home. He has no place to go. Could we please care for him?"
"No, son," the mother replies, "It would just be too much work. We just can't have an injured person around the house. It would be too much trouble."
The two hang up and the mother prepares for her sons homecoming. The day before the son is to come home, his mother gets a phone call from a local hospital, telling her that they think that they have her sons body. He had jumped off a bridge and she needed to come and ID the body. When she got to the morgue they pulled back the sheet. She gasped. The man was missing an arm and a leg.

Remember those who gave all for our freedom today. Keep their families in your prayers and never take what we have for granted.

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