Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Test Dummies

At camp today we had an afternoon class and we went to 6 different stations and learned how to do different medical procedures. Below are the stations and what we did at each. Each station had a test dummy with which we saw how they did the different procedures.
  1. Tracheoectomy- we learned the basics of placing a tube in the trachea and suctioning and cleaning it out.
  2. Basic Physical- Used a doppler to hear heart sounds, tested reflexes, and used a tuning fork to test hearing.
  3. IV's, Catheters, and Scopes- saw how to put in an IV and a catheter, experimented with otoscopes and opthomoscopes.
  4. Ventilators and Resusitation- they hooked us up to a ventilator and showed us how it worked.
  5. Intubation-How to put a tube in the throat.
  6. Stan- a very cool simulated patient in an ER environment. He died on us however

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